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Volume No 2(2)                                                               December,2013

HPLC analysis of Phenolic compounds of Indigofera aspalathoids D.C


G.Raju, N. Subash and M. Maridass




Aim of this paper was study on HPLC fingerprints of flavonoids identification of medicinal herbs of leaf and stem of Indigofera aspalathoids DC. The HPLC profiles of chemical constituents of I. aspalathoids were 40o C temperature on a C18 column using eluted with acetonitrile- water (25:1) and methanol as mobile phases in a linear gradient elution with the flow rate of 1mL/min-1. The elution of the flavonoids compounds were identified by comparison of retention time and authentic samples. The results of HPLC finger print analysis of flavonoids contains gallic acid, caffeic acid, rutin, quercetin and ferulic acid were performed in leaf and stem of Indigofera aspalathoids DC. The total phenolic compound of stem was higher than leaves of I. aspalathoids statistically significant.


Keywords: Indigofera aspalathoides DC.,stem, leaves, HPLC fingerprinting, phenolic compounds, flavonoids



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Rare species of Begonia cordifolia (Wight) Thwaites from KMTR region, Southern Western Ghats






About 1020 Begonia species are found in tropical region, especially northern South America. Species Survival Commission (SSC) reported 64 species (6%) of threatened category listed in Begoniaceae family. The present report rare species of Begonia cordifolia (Wight) Thwaites was survived on Papanasum dam in KMTR region, South India.


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Studies on Growth and some Biochemical Parameters of Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn. exposed to short term Elevated Concentrations of CO2



S. Euchrista Immaculate Sylvia and K. Muthuchelian




Four weeks old seedling of Ceiba pentandra (L.) Gaertn. was exposed to elevated concentrations of CO2 in controlled environment chamber for four weeks. The treatment had definite positive effect on growth parameters such as root length, shoot length and leaf area and biochemical parameters such as starch, sugar and total chlorophyll content.


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