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 Volume No. 6(3)                                                              September,2017

Ex-situ Conservation of endemic tree species of Eugenia singampattiana Beddome
M. Maridass and G. Raju


Short Report

Eugenia singampattiana Beddome (Myrtaceae) is one of the endemic and threatened to Southern Western Ghats. It is locally known as ‘Korandi’ by a Kani tribe of Papanasam, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu. According to Lushington, (1915) who first described by E. singampattiana was ‘Eugene Myrtle of the Singampatty hills of Tinnelveli’. Earlier report was reported by Beddome during 1864 -74. After more than 112 years, this species was recollected and re-reported as of now (Nair and Rathakrishnan, 1987). An earlier collection of E. singampattiana was reported from the different localities of Singampatti hills and Papanasam hills at an altitudinal range of 300-900m (Beddome, 1868-74; Duthie, 1879; Gamble, 1957; Brandis, 1978; Vajravelu and Daniel, 1983; Ramesh and Pascal 1997; Sarcar et al., 2006). Nair and Rathakrishnan, (1987) reported that this species was categorized as an endangered list. According to Raven (1990), it is reported that a quarter of all species of Indian plants may be either extinct or on their way to extinction within 25 years. The present field study observed by endemic tree species of E. singampattiana, which were identified at locality of papanasam, Inzhikuli, Periyamylarkani and Agastiyar fall in the Southern Western Ghats region (March 2015 - March 2016). We observed the field on different locality observed by E. singampattiana is found in different stages of seedling, medium size trees, luxurious growth, flowering and fruiting stage (Fig. 1). The conclusion of the report most of the researcher collects the uproot the whole plants and for their research purposes as well as medicinal purpose, which tend the species towards possible extinction.



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